The man behind the camera
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My Tripod Page

Meythem A. A. Almasqati

* Kuwaiti - Born in 1966 State of Kuwait.
* Real start in photography in 1983.
* Participated in local exhibitions (1995-1999).
* Teacher of photography in the P.A.A.E.T. since 1995 till now (special training programs).
* Teacher of photography in C.C.S.C.E in Kuwait University since 1996 till now.
* Got the New York Academy of Science Membership since 1995 till now.
* Participated as technical consultant in Kuwait FOTO Magazine.
* Member of Kuwaiti Photographers Team (KPT).
* Preparing for the Diploma in PRO-photography from the New York Institute of Photography since Aug.1998.
*Got the member ship of The Royal Photographic Soceity of the United Kingdom " flourescence slides "1999.

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My Tripod Page

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